A Natural Lung Cleanse-Detoxification Guide For Smokers

 "Clean Lungs of Toxic Germs"

that causes Smokers Cough, Heart Attacks, Lung Cancer and more...


Can I Heal My Lungs After Years Of Smoking ?


Many people, especially smokers and ex-smokers are now becoming more concerned about the state of their lungs and want to know how can you clean out your lungs to avoid a sticky end ?

These ends can come from a few sources that stem primarily from the tar building in the lungs that inhibit our bodies natural healing, and trap pathogens, impurities, toxins and carcinogens in the lungs to be free to cause such problems as: Deadly Lung Cancer, Emphysema , Chronic Bronchitis, Strokes ,Heart attacks and more...

You see when a smoker has been lighting up for many years the lungs become coated with black sticky tar.


Long term smokers lungs are black as soot and contain a noxious toxic mixture of microbes, germs, particles and carcingens that can greatly increase the risk of infection, disease and of course the dreaded lung cancer. Also this can cause smokers cough, shortness of breath and many other health conditions. However, the root of the problem lies in the fact that this tar stops certain white blood cells in the lungs called macrophages from being able to cleanse the lungs of impurities and flush them from your body.


How Do You Remove Cigaratte Tar From Your Lungs ?

You can remove lung tar to get your lungs pink and healthly again through a lung detoxification program. A lung detox is designed not only to remove the tar in your lungs but also to kick your bodies natural detox processes into high gear !


How Long Does It Take ?

Your body can remove lung tar on its own but the process can take many years for a light smoker and decades for a heavy smoker ! However if you take active steps towards eliminating the tar you can reduce this to less than a year.

How Does Lung Cleansing Work ?

lung detoxification process involves a few steps.

1. Diet

You will need to alter your diet to one that promotes good bodily health. Mucus buildup is a serious problem in unhealthy lungs and while not as sticky and terrible as the tar it can clog airways and carry toxins and so should be removed. Remove diary products from your diet (cheese and milk) as these form mucus and add a few of these things:

  • Garlic, Onion & Ginger which are proven to increase lung health 
  • Barley grass, Spinach & Kelp
  • Alkaline foods such as fresh fruits & vegetables promotes good health  
  • Antioxidants such as green tea
  • And drink a LOT more water. Extra hydration cycles old fluids from your body and replaces it with new fluids. This flushes a lot of toxins from the bloodstream and form all major organs.
  • Chlorophyll rich foods enhance lung cleansing. Examples include chlorella, spirulina and barley. Fuits such as apricots, peaches and plums contain bioflavonoids are considered 'lung friendly'.

2. Exercise

Exercise is essential to start working your lungs to capacity again. Cardio exercises can help to expand your lungs and force you to breath in and out very deeply which can expel a lot of harmful toxins and stale air. The increased blood flow and general health benefits also get the body flushing impurities and poisons from the tissues naturally faster. Along with this doing lung exercises when you wake up and before you go to bed will really start to break up the tar an help you through the day or night.

3. Tar Removing Vitamins
There are also a few vitamins that really do wonders at breaking up tar in the lungs into smaller more manageable chunks which the body can start to expel from the body.
A regime of these vitamins can speed up the slow process of tar breakdown to below a year which will allow the bodies natural detoxification mechanisms to actually reach the problem areas of the lungs to do their work and remove those carcinogens and pathogens that cause all the lung health problems.


4. Nutrients

Antioxidants are very important for the lungs. Enusure you have adequate intake of Vitamins A, C and E plus selenium, cysteine and coenzyme Q10. Ant-infectives like olive leaf extract, colloidal silver and garlic are good for bronchitis. Quercitin taken between meals has powerful anti-histamine effect on the body.

A good lung cleanse will clear your lungs 15 to 20 times quicker than your body can do it on it's own. If you've been a smoker for some time you probably have smokers cough and shortness of breath. You probably have some lung damage and should have a Lung Cleanse today.


Do It Now And Start Feeling Better Right Away...




Benefits of a Lung Detox

A lung detoxification cleans your lungs to turn those black, sick lungs into heathly pink ones - full of life and oxygen, and strong enough to see you through the rest of your life ! Additional benefits of having clean lungs are:  

  • Promotes respiratory system health
  • Minimize irritation to the respiratory system caused by environmental pollutants
  • Cleaner lungs and air passage
  • Improvement in oxygen assimilation
  • Promotes the expulsion of mucous

You can start today to feel better, healthier, more energetic and more alive ! Stop spending your money on expensive cigarettes and associated health costs, and spend that money on vacations for your family !


Get started today

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How to Naturally Lung Detox & Cleanse  


Discover the secret combination of the right food supplements, vitamins and exercise

that can rinse out the toxins from your lungs in less than 1 year !


Lung Cleansing Herbs

Lung detoxification can be done with different herbs. Rosemary, Mullein, Lobeia, Black Cumin, Honeysuckle and Chrysanthemum are the most well known lung detox herbs. The consumption of these herbs however should not be done in a haphazard manner, since some of them can be harmful to the body in case of an overdose such as Lobelia. These herbs are essentially lung supporting.


Fenugreek (seed) - it has anti-inflammatory properties which is useful for bronchitis and sore throat.

Hyssop (aerial) - it has anti-spasmodic actions that is useful for coughs and bronchitis.

Mullein (aerial) - it is used for toning the mucous membrane of the respiratory system. It also facilitates expectoration.

Thyme (aerial) - relaxes the bronchial tubes in people with asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough. Thyme is also an expectorant and antimicrobial.

Horehound (aerial) - relaxes the muscles of the bronchus while promoting the production of mucus and facilitating expectoration.

Coltsfoot (aerial) - Useful in acute bronchitis, irritating coughs and whooping cough because it is an expectorant and anti-spasmodic.

Nettles (aerial) - relieves allergies like hay fever and asthma.

Sage (aerial) - an antiseptic which makes it an effective treatment for colds, sore throats and tonsillitis.

Long Pepper fruit - Helps to stimulate the lungs.

Lobelia - relaxes the lungs.

Extract of Turkey Tails Mushroom - Great for supporting the lungs and reducing phlegm.

Ginger root - Lung stimulant.

Sweet Violet Flower and Leaf - Provides additional support for the lungs.

Cordyceps - Helps stimulate the antioxidant of the body known as superoxide dismutase.



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